The Freedom Agenda - Mike Lee

The Freedom Agenda

By Mike Lee

  • Release Date: 2011-07-18
  • Genre: Politique et actualité


We hear it everyday: government spending is out of control. Yet, despite all the rhetoric coming out of Washington about the need to cut spending, we continue to go deeper and deeper into debt. If we’re serious about restoring America to fiscal health, we must do something about government spending, not just talk about it. So argues U.S. Senator Mike Lee in his new book, The Freedom Agenda. Revealing how the federal government went from a limited constitutional government to the colossal spending machine it is today, The Freedom Agenda clearly explains:
the one Supreme Court case that led to the federal government’s massive overreach
the need for a balanced-budget amendment to repair the government’s broken fiscal policies
the reason returning power to the states should appeal to both conservatives and liberals
the simple steps we can—and must—take to slash federal spending and the federal government’s intrusion into our daily lives

Timely and powerful, The Freedom Agenda shows how to put the federal government back in its proper place, and why a balanced budget amendment is the key to reigning in spending and the federal government’s abuse of power.